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Monday, December 28, 2009

25December-4More Days School Reopen

Today i woke up at 7something..i also don't know why so early woke up..
After i woke up i go bath and do my things..
cause i'm going to hang out with my friends..i thought today can go INFI..
but nobody wanna going there..so i have to stay at home after going JUSCO ..i went to TESCO..i saw EMIKO..haha..she looks like busy so i din go find her..later kena marah..
after kena marah sure blame me..so i dont want find her..hehe..
After that i go buy my things and buy Lamb Chop..but 1 thing..
the Lamb is Expired..when i take the chop i din see the expire date..haha..
rugi jor le me..haiz..have to throw inside rubbish dump..
After that i go online and play wolfteam..but i feel 1 thing..
the line is damn freaking lag and slow..so i have to change a new line..
i dont wan STREAMYX anymore!!so noob la streamyx..always lag and slow..
i'm thinking wanna use Jaring or not..haha..
this is old line..but very fast..but i wont change to jaring la..
damn old already..Today i din have think that girl anymore..
even playing basketball or shopping..haha..
hope i can do that until in the end..hehe^^

7:38 AM

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Long time din write blog jor..
I delete jor many thing..
I wan change my life..
Today i woke up at 11something..
haha..cause now i less wake up early jor..
cause i very lazy..
After New year Eve and the 1st of January,i wont hang out le..
cause the school is reopen..
i have to ready all my stuff..
From that day,i every day also miss that girl deeply..
but she said is too early..i told her many many thing..
but she still cant feel how i treat her..
when she sad i will think how to make her happy..
that day she get high fever..but i cant do anything..
i feel useless..Prince cant help Princess do anything??
somebody will ask.'IS THAT A JOKE??
Prince cant do anything toPrincess??
Are you Kidding me??'
But i have to forget about her
i should concentrate my homework and study..
dont ever think about that Girl.
When i saw a guy kissing his GirlFriend Lips i feel very jealous..
Cause i cant hope that anymore..


9:07 AM


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