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Tuesday, January 5, 2010



I damn no mood!!because that SHAWN WONG LIT HAN!!!i hate him so much!!
can you F*** off??Stop disturbing find her!!!you always make my relationship break..
you know??i really hate you..thats why i dont want add you friend in facebook or msn..
you damn busy body..can you stop disturbing me and dont so busybody??
i just want a good relationship..stop disturbing us and dont ask her thing!!
if you still wanna do that..then you better bkf..

Zhi Ying..can you delete him in facebook and msn??

2:12 AM

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Tomorrow school reopen..feel nervous..haha..i also dunno why..xD
Today is the most special day and most special person..
how special??cause today she very preety lor..hehe..
the special person??she is Zhi Ying..when i on9 i saw her on9 we will chat together
until we sleep..haha..so happy..we also spam comment in my photo or her post..
until50comment above..
haha..so happy er>.<
i told her that i wanna chase her..but she said she older then me..so i said love a person no need
follow the age..cause if you follow the age is not a love already..i told that to her..she just 17years old..every night when she gonna sleep i will send her a sweet good night wish..
but morning i cant wish..cause her phone stole buy somebody..i hate that guy who stole her phone..make me cant sms with her!!she very nice and preety..
i dont know how come that guy will hurt her until like that..i just wanna tell that guy..
dont even think you can hurt anybody..cause 1day you will hurt by the GIRLS!!
dont try to be a playboy..cause all the girl will remember you!!
Zhi Ying..i know you hurt by a guy that you like..you should forget about him..he is idiot..
you should forward the way that you go..stop thinking him..i will care you..make you happy..
i wont be a playboy..i wan go clubbing with you when you wanna go..i wan dance with you and hug you..i wan let you get warm..cause i really love you..that day in barroom i 1something only go i can saw you at there..cause im 1something only go..but you 12.30back home..
so i miss it..i feel regret..i should not watch movie..i should go barroom early..
but i miss it..next time i wanna go with you..will you be my partner??
i hope you will..ZHI YING YOU BELONG WITH ME!!

1:44 PM


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